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Lawn Care Services

Landscape Services Lawn Care Services
INITIAL SCALPING: This service is done at the beginning of the growing season in March. Scalping your yard encompasses cutting and bagging the grass down on a low setting (1 1/2 inches). This removes the dormant turf and debris allowing sunlight to penetrate the roots of the grass better. Furthermore, scalping is done to prevent thatch build up and enable your yard to better make its transition from dormancy. This service includes a minor leaf clean up, any extensive leaf clean ups will be additional. MOWING, EDGING, LINE TRIMMING, and POWER BLOWING: This service will be performed during the growing season. All turf areas will be professionally mowed. All surface areas that meet concrete will be edged to perfection. All vertical separations such as tree rings, bedding areas, lawn edging and applicable locations shall be line trimmed with precision. All walkways and patios will be blown free of debris. Included in this service is the removal of all debris that is created from the maintenance of your landscape. We do not leave bags or clippings at your property. SHRUB AND BED MAINTENANCE: This service includes trimming and pruning your shrubs and ornamentals to maintain there natural shape taking into consideration the design intent of the actual plant material. In addition, cultivation and hand weeding will be done to all bedding areas to maintain a well groomed appearance. CUT BACK PERENNIALS: This service is done at the beginning of the new year. It consists of cutting back dead perennial plant material that has been effected by the cold weather. This enables the perennial to return to freely in the upcoming spring. WINTER MAINTENANCE: This service starts right after the grass goes into dormancy around November. It basically includes the removal of leaves and trash from all landscaped areas. This service will be scheduled as needed taking into consideration the number and size of trees on your property. TURF FERTILIZATION: The fertilization of the turf is accomplished in four applications. Professional slow released fertilizer is applied to the turf in the following months: April, June, August, and October. These applications provide nourishment as well as strengthen the turf against disease and weeds. TURF PRE AND POST EMERGENT: The pre and post emergent applications are accomplished in three rounds. These applications are applied in the months of January, March, and November. The pre emergent applications are applied for control and prevention of early germination of most grassy and broadleaf weeds. The post emergent applications are applied to eliminate any existing broadleaf weeds. TREE AND SHRUB CARE: The need for expert tree and shrub care often goes overlooked. But a flourishing landscape will greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property while increasing its value. That’s why Central Arkansas Lawn Maintenance offers tree and shrub services designed to give your landscape the nutrients, protection and conditions it needs to thrive. PAVEMENT WEED CONTROL: This service is done every time we service your property. Any sidewalk, walkway, or driveway will be kept free of weeds. DEEP ROOT FEEDINGS: This treatment is usually done close to the end of the year just before winter, but can be done in spring as well. It consists of injecting a slow released liquid fertilizer into the soil all around the tree drip line. This is recommended once a year to keep all established trees healthy and happy. WINTER RYE OVER-SEEDING: This service is done in the month of October. It consists of scalping the grass down on a low setting of (1 1/2 inches). All grass clippings will be bagged and hauled off. After scalping is done the yard will be over-seeded with a winter rye blend of grass seed. Starter fertilization is recommended at this time.
Lawn Care Services